Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Nite Flirt!

Well it is official, I am officially a new Niteflirt !  If you want to find me look for Cockaholic Cady!  So now you know exactly where to find me!  If you are looking for quality phone sex - for cheap phone sex prices ... you are going to love me!

Instead of just reading about how I tease my neighbors  I can actually tell you about all the things I do!  I love role play phone sex - and I bet we share a lot of phone sex  fantasies ... so why not give me a call -- say you saw me on Blogger and you get two free pics!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday night with Cady!

Last night I was out at one of the local bars in my area, I love to dress a little bit sexy when I go out, even if it's casual. I must confess, when I feel a man's eyes on looking me over pussy gets a little wet, especially if I look at him and can tell he is thinking dirty thoughts.  I love inspiring a mans creativity.  So it wasn't any different last night, it's still warm out - so I wore a short little mini skirt,  and a nice tit hugging blouse.

A guy there has been checking me out,  he's married  but his cock seems to get hard when ever we run into each other.  He finally approached me and  after a few drinks he said "Cady, I know it's rude, but sometimes I jack off just thinking about how good it would be to suck on your titties."

Boy, did I have a surprise for him, I took him by the hand, we went out to his truck I undid my shirt,  popped open my bra and let him a long hard look.   His cock was throbbing in his pants so I took his hands a placed them right on my tits.  It wasn't long before he was sucking on my nipples and fingering my pussy ...  and I loved what happened next!

Want to know more? Give me a call!