Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cady washes the car

Well if there is one thing I know for sure, boys love my titties!  Can you blame them?

This Saturday I had a very good time with them   It was a quiet  I put on my ipod, went outside, and started to wash my car. Since it was the weekend and I live in the country and I never see my neighbors.  I wasn't paying too much attention, after all no one is ever home, and I was listening to my music dancing a little around my car ... and since I wasn't wearing a bra and I was using water  my shirt was a little wet and there might have been a fair amount of jiggling. 

Well, I nearly jumped out of my skin when my neighbor came over. I clutched those sponges to my breasts and there was my neighbor with his wallet open.  Apparently  he was having roof repairs done  and  there just wasn't any work getting done!   I looked up and there were five men sitting on the roof - each one waved at me... with very big grins.  He gave me $50 and asked me to wash  the car later.  I said okay ... I mean hey, I can put it off for $50 !  he went back to his house,  and the boys on the roof started  booing as I started to put everything away.  But don't feel to bad for them,  I took off my shirt, turned around and gave them a long look at my tits before I went into the house.  I'm proud to say I got some applause ... and maybe a little something more when the foreman came  by at the end of the day ... want to know more?